Experience fishing at its best at Big Bear Camp!

Big Bear Camp is your Northern Ontario fishing destination! Located on the ever bountiful Horwood lake. This natural healthy lake has over 100 miles of shoreline to explore with a spot for any type of fishing. Twenty two miles in length from the dam to the falls, and another thirteen miles from the mouth of Hardiman Bay to its very tip.  Horwood Lake is made up of several creek, inlets and inflows to accommodate the 13 702 acres of water.

Is it your first time visiting us at Big Bear Camp? We got you covered, we will show you what we like to use and where to go. We want you to enjoy our lake as much as we do!

Want to brush up on all the rules and regulations before you get here? We are located in zone 8 in the Ontario fishing and regulations book set out by the MNRF.

Unfortunately we no longer sell outdoors cards and licences.  Be sure to purchase yours prior to your stay with us!

On site you will also find a small convenience store, bait and tackle shop, as well as boat and motor rentals. Be sure to have a valid boater’s safety licence as it is required for all residents. For the non- residence one is only required if you plan on staying in Canada for more then 44 days straight.